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This was the reaction of Juan Gónzalez and Delcy Rodríguez on the lifting of sanctions

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This Tuesday, the White House adviser for Latin America,  Juan González , announced a lifting of the sanctions imposed by the United States government (USA) against Venezuela.

The information was released during the seventh  Annual Conference on Hemispheric Security  held today virtually. From there, the official responded affirmatively about the intentions of the US regarding a lifting of sanctions against Venezuela.

“In the case of Venezuela it is very clear. We are going to  alleviate the pressure through actions, ambitious and concrete results , which then lead Venezuela to free, democratic elections. We’ll just do it that way . » This is how he explained it during his intervention.

After that, the Venezuelan government did not take long to pronounce itself. In this sense, the Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez , highlighted the commitment of President Nicolás Maduro with the economic recovery of the South American country. On this point, she stressed that Venezuela has overcome the  «illegitimate sanctions and the inhumane blockade»  imposed by  the US.

“The world knows that Venezuela has taken its first steps on the road to economic recovery with its own efforts. Denouncing and overcoming the illegitimate sanctions and the inhumane blockade. Our people are proud of the work and achievements of recent times .» This is what she wrote through his account on the social network Twitter.

The senior official stressed that  «Venezuela aspires that these US decisions start the path for the  absolute lifting of illegal sanctions .» Likewise, she stated that these coercive measures have affected the Venezuelan people. She added that, for its part, the Venezuelan government will remain attached «to its deep democratic values,» which is why it will continue to tirelessly promote dialogue.

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