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US mercenaries traveled from Ukraine to invade Venezuela and “kill communists”

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This Wednesday the independent media The Crayzone revealed how two American mercenaries who were in Ukraine traveled to Venezuela with the aim of overthrowing President Nicolás Maduro and “killing communists”.

The information was released by the US media through its website. From there, he explained the trajectory of these two ex-servicemen from the United States Army, identified as Craig Lang and Alex Zwiefelhofere.

Both apparently joined Ukraine’s ultra-nationalist Right Sector organization in 2015, where Lang recruited other military personnel and veterans. A year later, the ex-marine moved to the Georgian National Legion in the eastern region of Donbass.

In parallel, the Department of Justice and the FBI conducted investigations against Lang as Zwiefelhofere. This for participating in torture , cruel or inhuman treatment and even murder of civilians.

“They had committed or participated in torture, cruel or inhuman treatment or murder of people who did not take an active part in the hostilities. He intentionally inflicted grievous bodily harm on them . ” This is how the portal reviewed it.

According to the media, both American mercenaries “got bored with the monotony of war” and decided that they were going to invade Venezuela . This after they allegedly tried to fight the terrorist group Al-Shabaab and the Kenyan authorities deported them to the US.

US mercenaries plan to invade Venezuela 

When the ex-military arrived in the US, they drew up a plan to finance their trip. Apparently, they deceived a couple from the state of Florida with the purchase of a weapon, at the time of making the alleged purchase they were murdered and three thousand dollars were stolen. These data were provided by the US Department of Justice itself, according to the portal.

Months later, both mercenaries arrived in the Colombian city of Cúcuta, on the border with Venezuela. Once there , they joined another group of mercenaries who intended to attack the Venezuelan government and cause destabilization. Zwiefelhofer was arrested upon returning to the US. However, Lang did manage to escape justice and returned to Ukraine.

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