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ArmandoInfo, the assassins of journalism


For several years there has been unbridled and very well-paid morbidity, coming from Roberto Déniz towards members of leftist governments, with a special fixation on Venezuela; This situation calls into question the psychological profile of this person, due to the persistent incitement to hatred, defamation, and slander for which he has been accused in several countries, however, his evasion when appearing before justice and appearing as a victim has been a constant.

Currently, Armando Info and its members only resort to repeated disqualifications of the Venezuelan authorities and those who are currently joining the fight against an inhumane blockade. In addition, the website has become a communication hitman against Venezuela, Nicaragua, Russia, Iran, and any other country that dares to question the capitalist system.

This website has created a narrative that absurdly seeks to justify the coercive measures and aggressions of foreign countries, without measuring the suffering it causes to the people. But, the free press (that we fully support) must have objective arguments and social responsability. Repeating their unfounded attacks against the same objectives hundreds of times denotes not only possible psychological problems but also the obvious economic interests of their financiers.

These alleged “journalists” want to give law and jurisprudence lessons to prominent lawyers and jurists not only in Venezuela but in other countries, as they have said without hesitation, in their publications.

To understand these tactics, the factors, subjects, and organizations involved, that support this network of mercenaries dedicated to extorting or blackmailing Venezuelan businessmen and officials, almost a year ago, an investigative article showed how Roberto Déniz and Armando Info’s mercenary teams had set up an extortion structure that worked directly with the Atlantic Council organization, a “Think Tank” that develops psychological warfare, defamation, and disinformation campaigns about Venezuela and progressive governments.

Even deputies from the Venezuelan opposition such as Luis Parra, among others, have asked Roberto Deniz for explanations for having received multiple complaints that he and his ArmandoInfo team kept extorting businessmen.

This same complaint was also corroborated by deputy José Brito, who recently reaffirmed what Parra said, informing them that he would soon present the evidence.

Financed to deceive the collective

When reviewing how a portal like this can even finance trips to other countries, we realice that large sums of money are handled for this job. Behind this financing are George Soros from the Open Society, the National Endowment for Democracy, and various NGOs that operate within the country such as the IPYS Press and Society Institute.

Besides them, a group of Twitter accounts called “Team HDP”, are in charge of doing the dirty work and were the same ones that some time ago claimed to have sabotaged the screens of the Santiago Mariño Airport in Porlamar, as well as other actions. However, in an interview granted to a portal called Cima360news.com, they pointed out that their work was articulated within the country with a group of “collaborators” who provided them with information and supported them in the sabotage of information systems to destabilize the country.

Regarding the event at the Santiago Mariño airport in Porlamar, it was surprising that one of these members came out to defend those responsible for the incident through Twitter, stating that they had nothing to do with what happened and that it was the sole responsibility of the account that acts under anonymity. In other words, this account sought to defend citizens Humberto Aviño, César Boada, and Auremy Graterol, who were detained, as well as the protest against the arrest warrant issued against Gerardo José Eleazar Gil Dams, detained for their terrorist actions.

It is important to remember that Roberto Déniz, in an interview granted to El Independiente, demonstrated that blackmail and extortion were applied to Alex Saab by mentioning that: “He had the opportunity to collaborate before and decided not to do so. That is why he is included in the list of the Treasury in 2019 for money laundering and seven other crimes.” These words attract a lot of attention since deciphering such a message shows that Saab is subject to sanctions and accusations for having refused to be part of the US financial aggression.

Where is the equanimity?

Journalism is handled being fair and balanced, contrary to this, we see a reiteration of dismantled lies that show that what has been undertaken is a media war against leftist governments.

Currently, ArmandoInfo has a large number of articles in which it attacks officials and people who have some kind of relationship, whether commercial or sentimental, with the Venezuelan government. One of the cases is the one of the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, object of more than 60 published articles, and upon verifying the thread of these stories, there is evidence of an excessive attack on his activities and his close circle, which goes back to informal interviews, omissions of context, lack of balance and attack towards him.

This so-called journalism website has designed an editorial line based on omissions, lies, and lack of balance, proper of a rather low practice called longline.

It is worrying that people who have this criminal profile are the ones who want to sell themselves as researchers and now seek to collaborate in other countries to continue profiting criminally through blackmail, lies, and lack of professionalism.

At the time these lines are being written, espionage and extortion investigations are being carried out, in Colombia, Russia, and Brazil against Roberto Déniz, his portal Armando Info, and his collaborators in those countries.

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